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Baking Classes

“What? Share our baking secrets?” Absolutely! We at the Estes Park Pie Shop & Bakery believe in sharing–maybe not all of our secrets, but definitely many of our tips especially for high-altitude baking.


We offer a variety of classes throughout the year to meet the needs of the residents of Estes Park and the surrounding communities. Of course, anyone from anywhere is welcome.


KIDS COOKING is coming in April!


PIE MAKING – A repeat of our most popular class! April 9th! Contact us to register!


Pie Making – Learn to make fruit and cream pies, including our fabulous pie crust! Class is limited to 6 people. Each participant will take home a pie and recipies for fruit filling, crust, and crumble topping. Time: 2.5 hours; Fee: $35.


Cookie Making – Typically offered around the holidays, our cookie making basics shows you how to use 1 dough recipe and modify it for 12 different flavors. As well, the dough is suitable for rolled & cut cookies, drop cookies, shaped cookies or pressed cookies (in a cookie press). Each participant will take home a variety tray of cookies, along with recipes. Class is limited to 10 participants. Time: 2.5 hours; Fee: $35.


Bread Making – Making bread is not as hard as you think! Participants learn to proof yeast, learn what dough looks and feels like, and how to adjust baking times for high altitude. Class is limited to 6 participants. Time: 3 hours Fee $35.


Sweet Bread Making – Learn how to avoid the typical pitfalls and havoc wreaked by high altitude sweet bread baking. Participants will make 4 kinds of sweet bread and each participant will take home at least 1 loaf. Class is limited to 6 participants. Time: 2.5 hours; Fee $35.


Please check back often for dates, times, and fees for upcoming classes, or become a fan on Facebook and get automatic alerts.